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Efeito Homeopático da Luffa

Author Title 
Patel RP Luffa operculata in asthma
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Journal ArticleGlasgow Homoeopathic Library English
Source Year, Volume & Pages 
J Am Inst Homeopath 1973 Dec;66(4): 219-222 
Minor Termshomeopathic drugs - ther use
Entry Termsluffa operculata

Luffa operculata was introduced Dr Willmar Schwabe into the homoeopathic materia medica from South America where it is used traditionally for treatment of sinusitus. Provings by Dr Raeside in London produced many allergic respiratory symptoms which are listed in this article. 100 cases of asthma were treated by Luffa by the author. Two doses per day were found satisfactory in most cases. 6x potency mostly gave good results, changing to 12x when 6x stopped giving relief. Luffa operculata was found not to be a deep-acting remedy, its duration of action being 6 to 34 hours, but the remedy could be taken daily for months. While the patients were free from asthma symptoms they could be treated at the same time with a constitutional remedy.